For Actors, Models, Production Companies, Talent Agencies & more.

Visual Creatives

Video Reels

Star-worthy Video Content

Leave casting directors speechless with Hollywood-level video reels. The Reel Fleet provides you with the full production experience. From professional lighting setups, to top of the line cameras, to killer audio equipment, to versatile filming areas; we have it all. 


Always Look Your Best

Build up a stunning portfolio of headshots, full-body, seasonal poses, and more. Our inhouse beauty & fashion specialists will help you find the perfect look for your shoot. Our personal branding experts will help you curate a well-balanced comp card and talent profile. 

Professional Growth and Connections

Industry Networking

It's All About Relationships 

Get your face in front of important figures in the film industry. Enjoy fellowship with hard working peers that are all striving towards the same goal. Meet & Greet Events, Industry Mixers, Virtual Q&As, Real-time Auditions & more. Want to sponsor or co-host an event with us? Contact Sales.

Actor Marketing

Online Portfolio

Stand Out From the Rest

We offer comprehensive online portfolio websites designed to help actors maximize callbacks and showcase their talent. Our sleek templates and user-friendly interface make it easy to display headshots, showreels, resumes, and highlights of your best work. 

You can easily add new projects, update your showreel, and showcase your skills and accomplishments in a visually stunning and accessible format. Let's help you make a lasting impression on casting directors, agents, and industry professionals.

Actors with an effective portfolio website can get up to a 30% increase in callbacks. Stay on top of your career with an online portfolio that demands attention and opens doors in the industry. 

Account Management

Go Back to Having Fun on Social Media

Our team manages your entire social media presence for you, meaning you can focus on honing your acting skills without needing to worry about be everywhere at once. Our team takes care of the following: 

Exclusively for Creators & Influencers 

Not only do we manage your social media, we also work towards getting your accounts monetized so you can leverage the most from your loyal followers! 

Platform Distribution

Get Listed on Accredited Talent Platforms

We believe in maximizing your visibility and opportunities, which is why we distribute your profile across dozens of accredited talent platforms. The best part? You don't have to manage any of them! 

We take care of managing and maintaining your profile across these platforms, saving you time and effort. Our team stays on top of industry trends and updates, ensuring that your talent profile remains current and engaging across all platforms.

Role Submissions

Get Matched with Your Dream Role

At The Reel Fleet, we go above and beyond to support actors in their career journey. That's why we offer our done-for-you role submission services, taking the hassle out of the audition process. We strategically submit bids for projects and gigs on your behalf, leveraging our industry expertise and network to increase your chances of landing the roles that align with your skills and aspirations. 

With our role submission services, you can focus on honing your craft while we handle the behind-the-scenes legwork. Let us be your advocate and helping you navigate the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry.