Frequently Asked Questions

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Regarding Our Talent Services Division

What services does Reel Fleet Talent Services offer?

Reel Fleet Talent Services acts as a bridge between local talent and casting opportunities. We provide a curated pool of vetted talent for casting directors, talent agents, and production companies. Additionally, we offer marketing services such as demo reels and headshots for aspiring actors and models.

Is Reel Fleet Talent Services a casting agent or talent manager?

No, we are not a casting agent or talent manager. We function as a connector, bringing together talent and casting opportunities. While we provide marketing services and help talent get discovered, we make no promises or guarantees of getting signed with an agent or manager.

How can casting directors and production companies access talent through Reel Fleet?

Casting directors and production companies can access our curated pool of talent by reaching out to us directly. We've created a booking calendar for your convenience. You can also take a peek at our Featured Talent. This list is updated regularly and it meant to give you a brief glance at some of our talent. We'll connect you with the right talent for your specific project needs!

What types of talent do you work with, and where are they located?

We exclusively focus on nurturing talent from the vibrant Las Vegas community. However, recognizing the diverse talent pool in the Southwest, including California, Arizona, and Utah, we also extend our services to talented individuals from these nearby states. Our commitment to showcasing the richness of local talent extends across the Southwest region, creating a dynamic and diverse roster for casting directors and production companies to explore.