Our Team

At The Reel Fleet, we're more than just a production company; we're a comprehensive film academy, talent services firm, and your hub for top-notch video production services. Nestled in the one and only Las Vegas, NV, we bring your creative vision to life with a dedicated and skilled production team.

#ReelFleet Leadership

Lee Cummings

Chief Executive Officer

Lee is an accredited filmmaker with over 20 years of experience as a Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Screenwriter and Editor. In 2009, Cummings orchestrated his first full-length feature film to be distributed by a global film distributor. Recently, his feature in 2020 called Star Light, was sold to 1091 Media. Lee has also directed commercials and film projects for clients such as The Travel Channel, MythBusters, and Burt's Bees. 

As the Founder of Reel Fleet, Lee serves as the Lead Instructor for our Talent, as well as Lead Director for our productions. 



Marlon Medina

Chief Marketing Officer

Marlon is an accredited marketing leader and public figure. His current agencies are ranked in the top 1% of Las Vegas and have helped dozens of businesses grow & flourish. Marlon's far-reaching expertise helps the Reel Fleet establish itself as a powerful force in the talent management space. 

As the Head of Marketing, Marlon is oversees the Reel Fleet brand, its campaigns, overall business marketing strategy. He is also a professional actor and enjoys sharing his creativity both on screen and behind the scenes.



Fylisha Kruse

Creative Exec | Producer

Fylisha is a serial entrepreneur involved in multiple industries including fitness and nutrition, mindset coaching, and show business. As Chief Production Officer, Fylisha is instrumental in spearheading our company goals. Fylisha leads the effort in the Reel Fleet Academy division, building out structured systems and infrastructure for our many courses and educational programs. 

Fylisha recently debuted her skills as a series producer in the upcoming TV series, Chaotic Rentals. Her experience as a model and actress, coupled with her drive and determination, make her a powerful source in our organization.